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Together with you, we’ll tailor a bespoke home office desk and storage solution layout to ensure you make the most of your available space, taking into consideration your study equipment including PC or laptop, printers, scanners, etc. Even if you think your equipment may change over the next few years, your office won’t have to. We can make things as flexible and future proof as possible.

Keep your home office smart and tidy with a cable management tray under the desktop, hiding away unsightly cables, plug leads or charging docks.

Also use your study as a bedroom for guests? We can keep space for a bed or a sofa bed for when guests visit, creating a highly flexible home office design.

  • Colour Choices

    Our list of material and colour choices is vast, ranging from solid contemporary colours like mussel, dakar, lava, and olive and many more, to a selection of wood grains like six oak finishes, beech, and two ash grain finishes. On top of all this we have some embossed finishes called legno which are a textured wood grain effect in various colours like white, ivory and some of the solid colours.

    Frame Colours
    The metal frame and track on the sliding doors can be brushed steel finish or plain aluminium, bright chrome or white, cream or black. For our most durable finish on coloured frames finished with a powder coat, there’s our premium service – worth considering for long-lasting quality.

  • Extras

    Enhance your bedroom furniture with extras listed below:

    • LED lighting both inside & outside wardrobe
    • Trouser hanging slide out rails
    • Tie rails fixed or pullout
    • Interior drawers
    • Adjustable shelves
    • Shoe racks and shelves
    • Pull out baskets
    • Sliding or tilting laundry storage
    • Pull out TV brackets
  • Installation

    There are two alternative ways that our team installs fitted sliding wardrobe interiors. For a minimal design, we recommend a contemporary interior made from aluminium profiles. These will include hanging rails, shelves and interior drawers suspended between each upright stanchion.

    The traditional interior is made completely from the carcass material with either full carcass with backs and tops and bases or semi carcass where the wall is the back of the wardrobe and the ceiling is the internal top of your wardrobe. The surrounds and external carcass can be either the same carcass interior colour or a contrasting carcass material to further enhance your finished fitted wardrobes.

  • Our Green Policy

    We feel it’s a duty to be environmentally aware and are committed to this, despite our small size as a company. We make sure that all our products are locally sourced and don’t carry a huge carbon footprint. Waste and waste disposal is kept to a minimum and done responsibly. Many of our manmade board products are made using fully or partly recycled particle boards.

  • Your Old Furniture

    We take the stress out of updating your home by offering a rip out service, leaving us to worry about getting rid of the old pieces of furniture, not you. We’ll dismantle and dispose anything you wish, though this does incur a cost due to strict waste disposal guidelines. Being environmentally friendly is a value of our company, and we have commercial waste disposal licences in line with this.

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